Sara Roshani’s debut album out now!

We are so proud to present the debut album of Bahai inspired artist Sara Roshani from Denmark!

Her songs are beautiful and deep, and deal with moments of despair and the hope we can find within. This is also why the album ends on a Baha’i Prayer, as the Faith is her source of hope.

The album is a musical journey through the mix of emotions we can feel as we go through, and come out of, rough times. Our wish is that this album will inspire hope in the listener.

On the album you will find:
Sara Roshani: lyrics, melodies, guitar and vocals
Sydney-Thelma Tamankag: guitar, drums, cajon and background vocals
Einar Frøysa: Hammond, Rhodes and piano (keys)
Heiko Bärnholdt: double bass, drums, guitar, piano

Recording, mixing and mastering done by Heiko Bärnholdt