Why “Time” matters…

Artist description of the song “Time”

This is a very personal song for me, that was inspired by a feeling of finally pausing after chasing life in a constant intense tempo for too long — towards goals often way beyond my capacity. I know more have suffered, and are suffering, from this sense of running towards things that we believe serves a higher purpose, but unfortunately ending up running ahead of ourselves, and loosing ourselves on the way. I’ve been pondering so much on this tendency we see all around us in this time we are living in. We see it in our industries, in our consumption, in our communities, and in our personal lives, this often headless chase towards “success” and “growth”, and sometimes just towards an idea of “more”. A tendency that maybe became even more visible for us when the whole world suddenly had to pause because of the pandemic. Although affected by disease, the world was suddenly breathing, and maybe we realized how fast we had been moving up until this point.

Strange enough I feel like the world is going through the same kind of process that our bodies and minds might go through after a burnout. After we have been running too fast for too long and at the end get our vision blurred and hit the wall. We grow, grow and grow, advance, advance, and advance, and if we haven’t learned the art of balance, harmony and moderation, we will inevitably break down at some point, even though our goals may have been noble and good. Last spring I broke down, and it has taken me over a year to get back at my feet. It has taken time, and I realized that I am allowed to give things time. Time to grow, and time to heal. Days might go by, and when you feel like “it’s time!” it might be the time to let go of something, rather than embracing something new. That’s life too. And in the end we are always given new chances, new blessings, and when the time is right we embrace those too, and grow again — but with time. Change and growth does not happen overnight. But we often tend to expect that from ourselves, maybe because we are surrounded by a society that constantly moves towards success with such intensity — where the goal is to reach as much as possible, as fast as possible. I hope we use this pause, this time, that the pandemic has given us, to take a step back and see how we intend to move on forward. How we intend to heal and grow, personally and collectively. To reflect upon our tempo, and ask ourselves if it is really serving us and the goals we wish to move towards. To remember that we are allowed to, and should, take properly care of ourselves and each other, even when needs are pressing — because if we move on without being fully connected to our minds, hearts, and to each other, what are we really going to accomplish?

That is what this song is about, for me. But it is up to you to take whatever meaning you find in it, or just enjoy it as a good jam that I hope will cheer your heart and provide a fitting mood for this fall 🍂