Pre-release of Time available now!

Release date set to October 14th, our debut song with Neda Schulz is now available for streaming and purchase at Bandcamp. By purchasing this song at a price you set, you will be aiding us in covering the costs of production, and enable future releases of this and other artists. This song will be available on all major platforms after October 14th. Time by Neda Schulz

It’s time!

Neda has honoured us with one of her songs which serves the double purpose of being her first release as well as Tyro Record´s. True to the theme of the song, this has taken some time and been quite a process for all parties involved, culminating in what we feel is a worthy start both of her musical career and to Tyro Record´s mission of identifying, nurturing and promoting musicians who touch our hearts and souls. Release date: COMING SOON!